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How You Can Help

Casa Esperanza para Niños is asked every month to accept new children, but must turn them away because of lack of sufficient facilities and resources. The majority of children at Casa come from families of prostitutes and drug abusers/dealers. They have suffered unspeakable abuse and our goal is to raise them surrounded by and led with the love of Christ. Casa is inviting you to participate in a Strategic Partnership by considering the sponsorship of a specific child, by investing in their future and showing them God’s love. You can also invest in special projects like the completion of the remodel of the ranch house or the completion of our current shower/laundry facility project. Casa is continually growing, and these special projects are necessary for that growth.

Many companies allow you to sponsor a child for less than $1 per day, while Casa costs are almost 10 times that. Why? Casa cannot be compared to these other organizations as we do not just provide a meal and books to the child, we are providing a loving home and everything that comes with it. The total cost is $280 per child each month to provide for their needs. For ten dollars per day Casa provides parents, a home, utilities, food, clothing, medical care, and a strong spiritual and educational environment! All the children have daily chores and responsibilities that teach them the value of being part of a family unit and learning necessary skills for their future.