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About Us

Founders & Vision

Casa Esperanza para Niños was founded as a result of a life-long dream of Adonna Cullumber. Adonna has always had a strong passion for children, and has always had a very special place in her heart for the children of Mexico in need. In 1999, Adonna took a leap of faith and started her journey toward building a loving and caring home for abused and abandoned children in Hermosillo, Mexico. This came to fruition when Casa opened in 1999 with seven children at a home in Hermosillo. In 2009, Casa purchased and moved to a 3.5 acre ranch just outside of Hermosillo city- limits as the Casa family was outgrowing the space of a house in the city. Casa now has four houses on the Ranch and a recreation center where the children are able to do their homework in the computer lab, play games, and eat meals. Today, 45 children call Casa home.

Casa is focused on allowing people the opportunity to be obedient to God’s word by loving the poor, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, and caring for the widows and orphans by sharing the love of Jesus. These experiences have radically changed the perspectives of many and brings a sense of fulfillment that makes each a stronger follower of Christ who is excited to do local outreach as well.

Casa is passionate about impacting the lives of the children for Christ’s kingdom and strives to be an organization that allows others to serve Christ by meeting urgent financial, psychological, and spiritual needs of the children. Casa cares for children who have been abused and abandoned by bringing them into a Christian family environment where they are shown Christ’s love.